A girls thought..

Just full of BS !

So this week,all i’ve been thinking about was PCC and how everything is going oh, soo well! Everyone was focused,everyone was enjoying every min of practice,and basically everyone was just having fun. So in my head i was thinking,” Man,i’m soo excited for these girls! They got everything down,the moves and timing,they just need to clean it up a bit.” I was not worried at ALL about these girls cause I BELIEVE that they are ready for the rally,friday. It just felt like everyone was more than friends but like family.

Then trouble comes by.Today was just full of non-stop basic drama. Some girl comes to practice with a hella bunch of her friends. She comes in and dances the routine(she knows it btw cause she has danced b4) and basically…in one word.”COCKY” It irratates me soo much! First of all she said she quit cause she hated it and doesn’t come to practice for the loongest time,then just at of no where comes to my house to show up for practice?! Second,its soo funny,cause when she shows off she messes up 10x than the others girls and she’ll be infront of them acting like she knows what shes doing. AND MOST OF ALL!She has NO RIGHT…NO RIGHT, to talk crap about how other people dance and same goes with her friends! All they do is just sit there and talk Sh*t! NO RIGHT to bag on one person making her feel bad & cry! You hurt one person you hurt me.

Another thing,Just a note to self,”never be too nice,because no one will ever take you seriously when your angry”.So this year things are really unorganized with PCC,And practice has been held at my house.So having the dancers at my house,they are guest.And i treat them with my full respect. But today,People who are treated with respect should know to treat them the same way.I give you food,water,a place to practice,anything and you come in and completely disrespect me,my friends,my house and  my neighbors!! 

Note: if anything happens like this again,you guys better be lucky on finding a new choreo/president/whatever!

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